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We believe in supporting and empowering girls and adolescents and giving them wings to fly…

mother-daughter bond  picFor many years, Gaia Girls has offered unique and memorable programmes for mothers and daughters to facilitate and support girl’s inner growth and healthy development from childhood to young womanhood. We embrace and celebrate the physical, emotional and spiritual changes that occur along the way, allowing girls to discover and share their unique gifts in the world.

Our gatherings also provide mothers with an opportunity to deepen their connection to their daughter and receive support and practical tools in successful mothering. A close bond between mothers and daughters will foster and support girls to have a healthy, happy and safe journey to young womanhood.

As of 2024 Gaia Girls programmes will now be facilitated and run through the larger body of work offered by our founder, Karen McElroy, over at Rites of Womanhood.

You can still take a look around this website to learn more about our programmes and events and how we can support you and your daughter every step of the way from girlhood to adolescence and beyond. You can find out why this work is so important in today’s fast paced culture and we have separate advice just for mothers. We also aim to make Gaia Girls a hub of learning and inspiration by offering a range of excellent resources and links, from books to websites, that are suitable for both mothers and daughters.

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Lastly, learn about our passion for making a difference in supporting girls across the globe lead healthier and happier lives, with our charity and fundraising goals.

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