Gaia Girls is a unique program for girls and adolescents to support their inner growth and development from childhood to young womanhood.

Young Women Holding Hands in CircleGaia Girls runs mothers and daughter’s workshops, gatherings and camps for a range of age groups from 8 years to 15 years of age. The groups are organised into developmental stages to honour the journey specific to their phase of growth. ¬†This enables the fostering of positive self image, connection to their own instinctual self and unique essence. Gaia Girls aims to give an opportunity for mothers and daughters to grow together, rather than apart, during these sometimes challenging times. In addition, the programs aim to create a community of girls who can journey together, embracing the changes that occur along the way and share their unfolding femininity in a guided and sacred environment.

Artwork by Denise Daffara

Artwork by Denise Daffara

Unfortunately in today’s fast paced world, there is often little space to explore and celebrate the rites of passage that have always been part of growing up. In many cultures girls have traditionally been taught and prepared by women in their community about their journey into womanhood and they are honoured and celebrated in the process.

Younger girls have more access to information and are getting exposed to adult themes in the media much earlier than ever before. By being available to our girls from when they are a young age we can grow with them as they blossom into the women they were born to be and help them navigate over the seas of self discovery.

Run by Sunshine Coast holistic health practitioner and mother, Karen McElroy, Gaia Girls combines activities and guidance to support girls on all levels. Different themes are explored depending on the age of the girls – covering body wisdom and health, female rhythms and cycles, nature connection, emotional development, self esteem and empowerment. Karen is joined by other experienced co-facilitators at some events and for school programmes.

It is our mission to also support the older girls in being mentors and role models for the younger girls in our programs. This may include assisting and guiding girls at camps and gatherings.

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