Gaia Girls

Come together with your daughter to celebrate her growing up and create space with other mothers and girls to support the sacred journey of girlhood.

hollygarlandThe Gaia Girl’s workshops and gatherings have been created for 8-10 year old girls and they lay the ground work for a deepening relationship to themselves, their peers, their mother and other women, all in a safe, fun and supportive environment.

These events are designed to build community and connection and provide a strong circle of support for the girls as they navigate the path to womanhood.

Topics explored at our gatherings include:

  • body wisdom & self esteem
  • connection to feminine wisdom
  • developing insight and intuition
  • honouring ceremony
  • nature connection and craft
  • music, dance, fun!
Feedback from mothers about the Gaia Girls programme:

It was another very special day on Saturday. Big thank you to both you and Holly for creating such a beautiful space and place for us to stop and reconnect with our beautiful daughters. Also Anjelica has been enjoying working through the hand booklet she received in her bag, we have been going through it  before she goes to sleep, you have done a great job with it. We are looking forward to the camp in September… Thanks again!”

Margaret, daughter of Anjelica, Coolum Beach

“Thank you Karen for a heartwarming day and program…You have created such a special space for women and their daughters to come together and connect. Every element of the day is set up perfectly, especially the girls having time together to share their thoughts and feelings in such a natural environment where they feel safe and comfortable.
This feels like something all mothers and daughters should do! We came away with our love cups full, Thank you xx “

Tanya, daughter of Lettie, Noosa