Earth Daughters

Earth Daughters is a beautiful afternoon gathering for our youngest girls, aged between 7 to 8 years old.

earthdaughtersTogether we create sacred space and time out from our busy lives to celebrate and connect mums and daughters.

This afternoon offers girls an introduction to feminine wisdom, nature connection and ceremony through craft, story, a nature walk and special sharing circle.

  • honouring the unique beauty of each girl
  • planting seeds for growing confidence and connection to inner wisdom
  • respecting the wisdom of our female ancestors
  • celebrating our connection to mother earth
  • A memorable occasion for mothers and daughters


Thanks firstly for providing the opportunity for us to take part in such a beautiful afternoon!


Lily has thanked me about three times now for taking her to Earth Daughters. That in itself makes the afternoon worth it for me! 

My favourite parts of the afternoon were the wish beads, because it was such a lovely opportunity to be present with Lily. I also enjoyed the time spent just being, in your garden. It was so peaceful. Lily has told me her favourite parts were the treasure hunt and also the wish beads. I think she really enjoyed having Holly and Grace there too, looking up to the older girls. 


The food was perfect – we were grateful for such yummy, wholesome food. Thanks again!


Rachel & Lily Nixon