Star Sisters

Come together with your daughter to celebrate her growing up and create space with other mothers and girls to support the special journey of girlhood.

artwork by Tamara Adams

artwork by Tamara Adams

Star Sisters gatherings and workshops have been created for 11-13 year old girls. Our Star Sister’s events build on the lessons learned in the Gaia Girl’s gatherings and further extends the girls into developing a positive relationship to themselves, their peers, their mother and other women. These workshops explore a range of age appropriate activities in a safe, fun and supportive environment.

Our gatherings are designed to build community and connection and provide a strong circle of support for the girls as they navigate the path to womanhood.

The workshops are held at beautiful natural settings that provide time out from busy lives to explore different topics including:

  • relationships to self and others
  • body wisdom & our female cycles
  • nutrition, food and physical health 
  • self esteem & empowerment
  • nature exploration & the environment
  • honouring ceremonies
  • music, dance, fun

Thank you Karen for creating a beautiful mother/daughter space for connection, compassion and learning. 

Paris and I enjoyed not only the time together but also the opportunity to create and contribute with other women and girls.  As mothers we tend to question so much of what we do and feel, your Star Sisters event allowed me to feel connected to a greater community of motherhood and created even more confidence for Paris and I to communicate openly and safely.

Thank you for your wisdom and generosity of spirit throughout! 

Rebecca & Paris Ramsay