Moon Sisters

Moon Sisters

for girls of mixed ages


forest girl copyThis stage of blossoming is to welcome the moon cycle (menstruation) newly present in our Moon Sisters. Together we walk through the next doorway of girlhood and honour the gifts these changes have to offer, by embodying, embracing and celebrating this coming of age.

These special gatherings are for mixed age groups, as they have been created and designed for the honouring of menstruation, which can occur in a wider window of ages depending on each girl. In the case where there is a wider mix of girls at different ages attending these gatherings, the facilitator will offer some activities in separate groups to meet the older and younger girls needs more age appropriately.

Girls will come together with their mothers for an afternoon gathering where they will learn about caring for their bodies through natural health as well as deepening their understanding of their cycles. This programme also includes a lovely ceremony to honour this special rite of passage of the girls moving into young womanhood. Throughout the moon sister’s programme we call mothers and daughters together to hold each other equally as women as well as deepening their relationship to self and others.

The programme teaches and explores important topics, including
  • Connection to self and self esteem
  • Body wisdom and staying healthy naturally
  • Honouring female body rhythms and the ‘junior’ red tent
  • Welcome to womanhood celebration
  • Mother and daughter time and bonding
  • Craft, music and fun