Mentoring & Community


alex&girlsbycreekTeenage girls often aren’t in touch with their potential as leaders and role models for younger girls. One of our visions for Gaia Girls is to create opportunities for older teens to step into leadership roles and truly blossom into maturity as young women.

With support and guidance the older girls can be empowered to see themselves in new ways and offer something special to the younger girls in our programmes. Mentoring may include assisting and guiding girls at camps and gatherings to share and facilitate in areas they feel confident in.



Women in Community

We aim to build a strong local community of women of all ages and stages through our programmes and events, that celebrates women and honours feminine wisdom.  Our annual gathering and camp in spring is an opportunity to bring together all the Gaia Girls and their mothers who have participated in our programmes throughout the year. We celebrate in an atmosphere of fun, music and the magic of what unfolds when women come together.


cambodiangirlAt Gaia Girls we believe in a global community and are inspired to make a difference in the lives of girls across the world. We support charities that empower, educate and help girls in developing countries to live safer, happier and more rewarding lives.

We organise fundraising events to give back, and encourage all Gaia Girls graduates to be involved in our fundraising endeavours.

We donate 10% of the profit from every Gaia Girl event to our preferred charities that support girls across the globe. In particular, Gaia Girls has a close affiliation with the Girl Determined charity in Myanmar (Burma), whereby with each workshop we run, we donate money that supports a girl to complete a year long after school programme in empowerment and leadership. Another of the major charities that Gaia Girls supports is and the Girl Effect, Global Giving fund.