For Mothers


motherdaughterloveThe best support you can give your daughter to help her navigate the seas of change that growing up brings, is to maintain and strengthen the loving bond that you already have. Consistent research shows that children who share a satisfying relationship with their parents grow up more slowly and responsibly.

As modern parents, we need to understand that being a teenager today is radically different to how it was when we were a teen. Although they are still going through the exact same developmental stages as adolescents throughout the course of history, today’s culture pulls our kids further away from their core self. In many ways our girls growing up are as vulnerable and confused as toddlers sharing their need for attention, acceptance and individuality. They are prey to peer pressure more than ever through social media, and the wider culture puts unrealistic expectations on them regarding body image and premature knowledge of adult themes.

lovelocketAs mothers we need to provide a strong counterbalance to this pervasive cultural pressure. You can do this by being your daughter’s trusted ally on her journey. Taking time to connect on a one-to-one basis, listening and sharing with compassion as well as maintaining the authority of being the adult in the relationship is essential.

Gaia Girls gatherings and events support mothers to be fully present in their daughter’s lives. We give you important tools and strategies to meet your changing role during the adolescent journey.  We aim to help maintain and grow your relationship and strengthen your bond as well as help you create strong but flexible boundaries.


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