Karen McElroy

Karen McElroy is the founder of Gaia Girls, a project that she conceived of and has held close to her heart – since the birth of her daughter in 2003.

cspaugust-0647Karen is a naturopath, nutritionist, medical herbalist and mind-body counsellor and runs a busy naturopathic practice in two locations on the Sunshine Coast specialising in women and children’s health.  Karen has over 20 years in private practice supporting the health and wellbeing of many hundreds of women and children.

Karen has studied and taught everything from holistic child health and developmental theories, to yoga, meditation and spiritual practice and she brings all this knowledge into many aspects of her work. She is passionate about supporting children to truly thrive and live healthy, happy lives.

Karen has always understood the importance of giving girls a space to be honoured, heard and truly seen in order to promote positive self esteem, body image and healthy development. As a mother of two, Karen is also intimately connected to the journey that all parents face in guiding and teaching our children well in today’s busy and rapidly changing world. She has created positive, practical strategies to support and nourish her own children on all levels – body, mind, soul and spirit – and she loves to share these with other parents.

I have always honoured the importance of the feminine in my life, in everything from nature and art to my own spirituality. I believe when women and girls are connected to their soul and listen to the unique voice of their inner wise self, then their lives open up for them and anything is possible.



So many women I see in my clinic are fraught with low self esteem, lack of confidence, reproductive problems, body image issues and a general disconnect to their inner life.  If we can prevent this from happening by giving girls information, support and guidance to support a healthy, fun and empowering journey from girlhood to womanhood, then this is a blessing and a gift for not just the girls, but the whole planet. It is my hope and mission that Gaia Girls can be the vehicle for this to become a living reality.