girlreadsWe love books!  By encouraging girls to read we are giving them the gift of creativity, imagination and literacy and we can help them to find a quiet place of reflection and solitude amidst busy lives. Finding books for girls that are empowering and inspiring is one of our missions here at Gaia Girls.  So many kids books and standard fairytales present girls and women in weak, passive roles or alternatively they are portrayed as wicked and mean.

There has been a big push in recent decades to revisit the old fairytales and strong characterdiscover the original stories that were not changed by the dominant patriarchal mindset. New books have been written by progressive female authors and anthologies have been put together, that showcase cross cultural stories and positive female characters that have been unearthed. In many cases the old cultures and non-western cultures have a much richer array of stories that portray women and girls in heroic, powerful, intelligent and inspiring ways.

Here are some of our favourite books in specific age categories with links to purchase from Book Depository if they appeal to you. A small commission is generated from any purchases made through these links. We donate all our proceeds from Book Depository commissions to our preferred charity, the Girl Effect, that supports girls globally to have a brighter future.


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