Star Sisters – march 16

We had a lovely group of girls and mums come along to our Star Sisters gathering yesterday. The weather luckily held off until the end of the day, which meant we could enjoy the lush surroundings during the afternoon. The girls spent time with their mums finding out what their perfect day would be, they played together as a group exploring the qualities of strength and courage, they crafted their wise self doll and learnt about the wisdom and beauty of their bodies…and got to adorn themselves, dance and shine in their light!

Thanks to Sammie for her help guiding the girls in activities and for all the mothers who prioritised their girls for a great afternoon of connection and love.

See below for slideshow with highlights from the day.

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  • Sarah Whitington

    I am extremely grateful to have found Gaia Girls. We are so blessed on the sunshine coast to have Karen doing this very important and enriching work for mothers and daughters. I love the insights Karen sensitively shared with our group of women and her energy and generosity to create such a nourishing and enriching space for the girls entering their womanhood. My daughter said it was the ‘best day of her life’ after we left our beautiful memorial day. It was inspiring and strengthening for both of us. I loved being in the shared and safe circle which Karen beautifully rendered. So much gratitude to you karen and Gaia girls. It was beautiful to see the preciousness and inner beauty these girls are and to connect to that in the circle you created on Sunday with Star sisters. We look forward to growing and connecting again soon. With Love and Gratitude to all your work.

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