Body and Beauty

real girlsNeed more facts about your body? Want to know the mystery of being beautiful?

This page contains a stack of inspiration, information and ideas that can help you understand your body better and shine bright with your own inner beauty.


Body Wisdom



We all know beauty isn’t skin deep. True beauty comes from happiness and self love that shines out from within. So the mystery of being beautiful is that you already are! You don’t need to do anything different to be the beautiful girl that you are….as long as you are being your best self, your unique beauty will be visible to everyone.

Another secret to know is, that we are all attracted to different things. Not be yourselfeveryone likes the same colours, foods, clothes or people. We are drawn to different things when we feel connected to them. It is kind of like the energy matches our own and we get a ‘hit’.  So when it comes to beauty, it means that people will find certain types more attractive than others. But we don’t just look at what we see on the outside to get an energy match…we add together all the other things we know and feel about something or someone.  You might like a friend because they have certain qualities like being funny, bubbly, loyal, trustworthy or creative, not just because of their long hair or cute freckles.

So remember….all you have to do is just be yourself!


Fashion, Makeup and Creative Expression

Women have been adorning themselves throughout history and in every culture to express their unique beauty. They found flowers, clothes, colours and jewellery that they were attracted to and used these objects to express themselves. Today, our culture often promotes the latest fashion and certain body types as being the best. In reality, it is just a big money-making industry – so we have to be careful!

natural-makeupIf you choose to wear makeup (and it is a personal choice, not a necessity!) it’s important to choose natural types that are eco-friendly and not tested on animals. Most commercial makeups contain all sorts of nasty chemicals that are not good for our skin or our body. Remember anything you put on your skin should be safe to eat… as your skin is super absorbent and transports whatever you put on it into the blood stream. Environmentally friendly makeup is also not tested on animals and is cruelty free which keeps our furry friends happy!