Private Ceremonies


Coming-of Age Ceremonies

Gaia Girls can facilitate private ceremonies and celebrations for girls and families to honour a girl’s coming-of-age. These can be menarche (first period) celebrations or be a more general coming-of-age at the start of adolescence – usually at 13 years. Some girls feel more open to ceremonies that do not focus on menarche and menstruation, but are more a celebration of her growing up. Just as we come together as a community of friends and family to celebrate births, deaths and marriages, marking a girl’s transition into adolescence can really support her self esteem as she grows up and foster a strong identity and sense of purpose.

Karen will meet with the girl and her mother (or other family members) beforehand to design a personalised celebration or event that draws upon the girl’s unique qualities and girls in circleinterests as well as her family’s traditions. She can then be in attendance at the event if desired, to facilitate and direct the ceremony.

Karen has a wide range of resources and ideas that can be used to suit each girl’s preferences in designing her special celebration. These memorable events will often include family members and close friends – but of course this will vary for each family depending on what is required.

Please contact Karen directly to inquire about this service.

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