First Gaia Girls Camp

The first Gaia Girls Camp was a great success, with mothers and daughters connecting and sharing special time together.  We had six girls and their mothers, Alex a beautiful 16 year old girl who was a mentor for the girls, and a guest appearance by the lovely Leigh Ann and her amazing dexterous hands that braided the girls hair so beautifully.


Here are some of the words from the mums after the camp….


As I shared with you all while we were there, this camp was a trully pivotal life changing weekend for my relationship with Grace, so, so timely. Again on the way home in the car, Grace expressed how relieved she is that her friends now know the same as her. She said she now feels less ‘scared’ and talked to her Dad about it when we got home.

Thank you all so much. It would not have been as magical as it was with any other group of mothers and daughters, you all held the space so beautifully, I could not want better goddess mother’s for Grace!

Bless you with a thousand kisses for what you have created and keep it happening!! So sacred.


To my beautiful Goddess Friends and Goddess Daughters, I really feel the magic still lingering…I came home and began to tell James about the sacred sharing circle from the Saturday night and just started to cry such tears..of joy and gratitude…Aceda was in a state of serenity and just pottered in her bedroom listening to the Fairy Realm and drawing her Goddess:-)

The depth of connection we all have has gone so much deeper and I am so overwhelming appreciative that she has these beautiful women as her Goddess Mothers to call on in the coming years.
I truly thankyou and bless you. I am full of admiration and love for you as friends, mothers and the WISE women that you are.

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